Through the Parc du Perche to the Loire

Sunflowers ready for harvest

Sunflowers ready for harvest

The campsite on the 7th, in Abrias du Perche was quiet, wooded and with an amazing night sky with such bright stars and the Milky Way very clear. Another English couple in an old 2CV awaiting 40 other 2CV drivers coming for a rally.


We left about 9.  The cycle was across a regional nature reserve :Parc du Perche, gently rolling,  deeply rural, woods and fields. Very quiet lovely roads. Lunch in Nugent de Rotrou from the boulangerie.  Beautiful buildings, ancient half timbered and mud with stones embedded.  Sometimes in good repair, sometimes crumbling.  Massive church towers.

Side door of a church

Side door of a church


Dropped out of the South of the parc and into the valley of the Braye river which was very quiet the only sounds cows   water and the odd squawk of a bird, the only person an odd mam in his immaculate potager.  Very hot, all bars closed.

Camped in Vibraye, a prosperous small town where the Camping Municipal is part of a big sports complex.  Madame who looks after the Camping and sports hall told me proudly that they are the most sporting town on the region with successive mayors, all local teachers having built up really good facilities and participation.  

Next day over high ground. Sunny and hot and dipping at times into river valleys and down to camp near the Loire.


Lunch in the shade

Lunch in the shade


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One thought on “Through the Parc du Perche to the Loire
  1. Dad/Graeme

    How lovely it looks but I can remember in France searching desperately and in vain for something to eat it drink during the hours of siesta.



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