Ashgate Hospice

Ashgate Hospice is our local hospice in Chesterfield , it does amazing work providing a wide range of services to people at the end of their lives- not just those dying of cancer but also other conditions such as heart failure, lung disease and serious neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis and Motor Neurone Disease

Martin worked at the hospice in the 1990s providing medical cover at weekends in turn with other volunteer doctors. Since then it has enlarged and expanded its services and has its own permanent medical staff.

Many people imagine that a hospice is somewhere that people go to die- whilst it does provide this, most of its work is providing support and symptom relief for people who may be many months away from the end of their lives. This may involve respite care to give them and their families a break , expert advice on pain control , a day care unit, care in the patients own home and even advice on benefits and sorting patients financial difficulties

People who have not visited Ashgate often imagine that it must be gloomy dark place with everyone talking in whispers – in fact it is light, airy and vibrant, with plenty of laughter , beautiful gardens and the whole atmosphere is conducive to a feeling of peace and dignity. Staff have far more time to attend to needs of patients not just their medical condition.

As a GP Martin has had a lot of patients over the years who have used Ashgates services and without exception they and their families have been full of praise for the caring supportive staff and the care they provide